Psychology of dating and mating american dating etiquette

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The human desire for companionship is one of the strongest human drives.

It is an innate feature of human nature, and may be related to the sex drive.

Social gatherings are frequently arranged to enable people looking for a partner to meet.

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Do you know your own "mate value" in the dating world? Are there evolutionary roots to the battle of the sexes and can we change our behavior?

David Buss we discuss a number of interesting and controversial topics, such as the matching hypothesis and date rape.

The human mating process encompasses the social and cultural processes whereby one person may meet another to assess suitability, the courtship process and the process of forming an interpersonal relationship.

Commonalities, however, can be found between humans and nonhuman animals in mating behavior (see animal sexual behavior).

In evolutionary psychology and behavioral ecology, human mating strategies are a set of behaviors used by individuals to attract, select, and retain mates.

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Mating strategies overlap with reproductive strategies, which encompass a broader set of behaviors involving the timing of reproduction and the trade-off between quantity and quality of offspring (see life history theory).

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