Coh tov validating media

Coh tov validating media

I Downloaded COH Tales of valor and after play i see need coh new steam version but when i click play it's want to download it but both files is same coh is 7.5 gb and coh tales of valor is 7.6gb and how i can get steam to validate coh tales of valor files to coh new steam version without download Tales of Valour is a standalone game so the file size will be the same.All content on the non Steam versions is unlock able with a cd key so all versions need to contain all content.When I originally purchased the game, it’s DRM simply consisted of a product key and requiring the disk to play – whilst annoying and pointless, this was something I could put up with.However, in their infinite wisdom, the developers decided that it would be a good idea to lock this product down even further to inflict as much pain as possible upon their paying customers in the name of anti-piracy.I can understand the need to patch in order to be able to play online – there is the security reasons as well as simply needing to have the same API version as the other players.However, forcing the user to update in order to be able to play locally is totally ridiculous and causes a lot of messing around simply to handle developer stupidity.

If you just want to start the game and have a LAN or single player game, it will force you to download the latest patches before you can play – regardless whether or not the patch is 100MB or 1.8GB (yes, 1.8GB patches do exist).

It is possible to trick this to allow you to play without updating by pulling your network connection or writing some firewall rules to block the connection back to the game servers, which will then cause the game to prompt for the install DVD, but it’s all hassle that shouldn’t be required.

Over time they have pushed out updates making their product more and more unusable by the legitimate customer and driving me crazy.

And so, I give you the tale of woe that is the Company of Heroes customer experience.

The Steam version will give you all of the content and access to multiplayer via steam works.

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